Mathai Joseph

Mathai Joseph is the author of several books, most recently a new detective story, Dead to Reason (2017). His widely read earlier book, Digital Republic (2013), is a personal memoir and history of Indian computing. Read More

Dead to Reason

Mumbai, 1995: Rani Diwanjee was murdered in her house. A student she was tutoring was found with a bloody knife. Case closed? Inspector Suryaprakash would like to believe so but not Clovis Cleetus, Rani’s old friend and now software pioneer.
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Digital Republic – India’s Rise to IT Power

This book analyses the rise of Indian computing. Interleaving history and memoir, it describes key moments and decisions that led to the slowdown in the 1960s and 1970s and the changes in the 1980s that fuelled the ascent of the software industry.
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