12 February 2017
“The murder mystery is well crafted but it is only one facet of the wonderful book. The Emergency and the trials and tribulations of nascent IT entrepreneurs provide? an unusual and rich backdrop, as do the philosophical discussions on the nature of mathematics and logic. The characters are well developed and come to life in a manner not often seen in the crime genre. Highly recommended.” (Madhavan Mukund)

17 February 2017
“The book takes you from the emergency era to the beginning of software outsourcing in India in a very engaging narrative! The murder mystery is solved as phases in a software development lifecycle evolve and conclude with a celebration as Clovis employs Modus Ponens, Modus Tollens to beat the routine modus operandi ! The characters are so well developed you can visualize each one of them; they talk to you as you flip pages eagerly. Enjoyed reading thoroughly! Hope to read many more from the author and may Clovis become as famous as Poirot!” (Smita Ghaisas)

26 February 2017
“Nicely crafted murder mystery mixed with descriptions of the Bombay of the Emergency days and its later fate under the politician-builder driven nexus of the 90s. The relationship between the protagonist as a college student and his tutor (also the murder victim), a young widow of an army officer, is sensitively portrayed and brings both these characters to life very vividly. As to the whodunnit itself, the reader is kept guessing to the end. The bits and pieces of logic (“whereas the police rely on modus operandi, I relied on modus ponens and modus tollens”) will keep the mathematically inclined reader amused, as will the travails of a fledgling software export operation, as it is harassed by the powers that be, resonate with youngsters engaged in or contemplating a software venture. In summary, a well paced and taut mystery set in interesting times and tones, leading up to a logical but difficult to guess denouement.” (Gautam Shroff)

18 March 2017
“What is most impressive about the book is how vivid and detailed the descriptions of places, people and events are. One feels the atmosphere! The description of the situation during Emergency, the goings-on in the construction industry is all too real. Being a murder mystery definitely adds to the grip. I must admit that the “bold” parts were unexpected but very well-integrated with the story and excellently written.

The differentiator of course is how life at a software company in the 90’s is weaved into the story. That is something not too many people would have been able to do. And for people like me in the industry, that makes it a very interesting, must-read book.” (Gireendra Kasmalkar)